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Everybody needs advice at some stage.  

When it comes to important decisions,
Zandra Marie has been a valuable resource
for successful people around the world for decades.

insight and advice into all matters business and personal

dynamic planning

risk analysis

professional forecasting

decision making guidance

personal development

• life coaching

Zandra Marie's talents and skill have wide application e.g.:-

buying and selling real estate

company negotiation

staff selection

stock market forecasting

relationship matters

CNN put Zandra Marie to the test

June 2001, Hong Kong CNN correspondent Andrew Brown heard of Zzandra Marie's success at forecasting stock market trends so he decided to put her to the test.

He approached Hong Kong based and well-respected market analyst Henry Lee and put out the challenge to see who could most accurately predict how key markets would perform.

Over a six-week period Henry Lee's forecasts were compared to Zandra Marie's and the result - Zandra Marie was declared the winner with seven out of the eight forecasts closest to actual.

Zandra Marie & CNN's Andrew Brown during filming at Ritz-Carlton hotel Hong Kong.

This was the last media interview that zandra marie has granted.

The CNN segment was broadcast worldwide on all CNN networks. If you are consulting Zandra Marie in person, you can take the opportunity to view the clip.

For the last thirty years, Zandra Marie has traveled extensively throughout the world.

Since 1991, the greater part of Zandra Marie's working time has been spent in asia and she has developed a large client base of business and professional people in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan in particular.

London, Manchester, Dubai, New York and San Francisco are other cities in which Zandra Marie has provided her services on a number of occasions over the years.

With plans for much less traveling in the future, consultations will now be provided by telephone or e-mail.
Well known Hong Kong identity Teresa Cheung spoke on camera about Zandra Marie's valuable business insights.

Zandra Marie's grandmother had the same ability and left her native Poland before World War II for england. She was Jewish and sensed the coming problems years beforehand.

At the age of 6 years zandra marie was affected by a lightning strike that left her temporarily blinded.

she has been standing on a field when lightning struck near to her. her father who was coming to get her, recalled that he saw a light around her and then she was knocked unconscious.

It was soon after that that she experienced her first visions. with bandages over her eyes to keep out the light that causing pain to her eyes, she spoke about a brown dog under the kitchen table.

Her father reassured her that there was not a dog under the table. that evening a family friend called to see the family and he had a surprise - a gift - a little brown puppy that headed straight under the kitchen table.

At the age of 11 years she was able to visualise the location of the bodies from the Moors murders (UK) and her drawings were subsequently found to be correct. her mother had worked with the wife of one of the detectives on the case. Her drawings had been made at the time that the children had gone missing and had been put away. her mother found them years later.

Her interest in murders and mystery has continued throughout her career and she has consulted on many prominent cases some of which have even resulted in threats against her life.

During her school years her ability grew stronger and zandra marie would see images of future events around her classmates. (3rd from left top row).

Zandra Marie's ability is highly respected and there are numerous documented cases of her gifted insight. her career has been a fascinating journey and it has taken her to many places and many different cultures.

In the early eighties for the leeds police she described the yorkshire ripper, peter sutcliffe.

Her descriptions were reported in the manchester evening news.

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- and for the FBI she described the Atlanta Murderer. after 26 black children had been murdered, the fbi believed that the killings were motivated by rascism. Zandra Marie told the fbi that the murders were being carried out by an afro-american who obtained the trust of his victims.

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The Atlanta Murderer was found to be a teacher. this is one of many murder or missing person cases where zandra marie has demonstrated her ability to bring information forward relative to what at the time was a complete mystery.

1991 murder in Macau of Tang Kei Cheun


A missing person case that zandra immediately recognised as a murder with her detailed descriptions of how and why the victim was murdered and where to look for his body were subsequently found to be amazingly accurate.

Zandra Marie gave much insight into the reasons and circumstances leading up to the death of the step-brother, which was quite disturbing.

The case was never publicised at the family's request and because of the family's request for privacy, copyright applies on this information - it cannot be published in the media without written authority.

The newspaper and magazine articles referred to below, provide a documented record of predictions previously made and subsequently validated.

(media interviews are now rarely granted)

* in 1980 she predicted that US President Ronald Reagan would survive an assassination attempt. there are also a number of other documented predictions, including - the forecast of a hijack at Brisbane Airport which was correctly detailed months before.
- also note the prediction that Ronald Biggs would end up in jail


- Sunday Mail August 13, 1989

- Page 6 - Australasian Ppost december 3 ,1988

* in 1981 & 1988 "the death of a younger member of the English

Royal family that will change the course of history".


* 1993 foresaw the death of grand prix champion Ayrton Senna.

* the Asian financial crisis:Zzandra correctly forecasted the hang seng correction of 1997, live on cable tv hong kong (12 months earlier) when the Hang Sang index was 14,000 plus heading towards 16,000 plus, she was asked "what will happen to the index next year?" she replied "it will fall to 11,000 suddenly and within the next four days it will fall further to 9,000." At the time, nobody thought that this was likely but the prediction was to become a reality.

*forecasted the apprehension of Jill Dando's killer
june 1999, page 28 of the Gold Coast Magazine

*forecast an end to the Cruise/Kidman marriage
may 1999 page 63 the Gold Coast Magazine

*forecast Boris Yeltsin to be out of a job by 2000
october 98, page 28 Gold Coast Magazine

*predicted Demi Moore to walk away
september 1996 Gold Coast Magazine
*predicted tragedy ahead for Paula Yates
November 1999 page 68 Gold Coast Magazine
*predicted a tennis comeback for Andre Agassi
july 1999 page 67 Gold Coast Magazine

*predictedJjeff Kennet's political retirement
June 1999 Gold Coast Magazine page28