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Tang Kei Chuen

Zandra Marie was able to describe how he was murdered, why he was murdered and where to look for the body.

He was only known to be missing at that time.

Her information was subsequently found to be correct in amazing detail.



TO: Zandra Marie, zandramarie

DATE: 15/07/99 8:23 AM

Re: Case of Missing Step-brother September 1991

For The Attention of Mr. Keith Douglas

Further to our discussion this afternoon, I'm pleased to try & recap some of the facts, as they were presented to me by my sister-in-law, on the above-mentioned case.

I visited Zandra Marie for the 1st time in Sept. 1991 and was very impressed by her accuracy and her ability to tell me all about my circumstances at that time. I shared my experience with my sister-in-law, who then told me about her colleague at work whose step-brother had been missing for almost a week.

I immediately suggested that her colleague call Zandra Marie for an interview as I knew she was due to leave Hong Kong the next day.This lady, after having been told about my experience decided to call Zandra Marie. Regrettably, she could not get an interview, but pleaded for Zandra Marie to try and give her some insight into her missing step-brother's whereabouts.

All Zandra Marie asked for was the boy's date of birth and a photograph to be sent to her immediately as they were about to leave for the airport. This was done. I was then informed by my sister-in-law a few days later that Zandra Marie, on looking at the photograph, declared that the step-brother was dead - brutally murdered, cut into pieces & thrown into the sea. Zandra Marie gave much insight into the reasons and circumstances leading up to the death of the step-brother, which were really quite shocking and amazing.

Zandra Marie also gave much insight into where the body may had been disposed of and even suggested that it may be near some group of small islands, one of which had a name linked to a god/goddess. Subsequently, more personal possessions and information about the step-brother was sent to Zandra Marie in Australia, and she replied with much more detailed information on the background of this murder and the whereabouts of the corpse.

I was then informed by my sister-in-law later that the Macau police found parts of the body which was disfigured beyond recognition but was identified as being that of the step-brother by DNA and dental records. I was also informed that arrests had been made by the police and that one of the suspects, whilst released on bail, had also been murdered.

I was told by my sister-in-law that Zandra Marie had been absolutely amazing with regards to the depth and accuracy of the information she provided to her colleague in this matter.

I hope this will be of use to you.

Best regards, Loy D'Souza

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