Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah: a hero – not a scapegoat

World renowned clairvoyant, Zandra Marie de Vere has spoken out to defend Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370. 

“He did eveything he could to save his plane and passengers but with smoke and fumes in the cockpit and the oxygen system compromised, he lapsed into unconsciousness and the flight was doomed” said Zandra Marie.

“The cargo hold has the answers – I saw electrical arcing and sparking and a grey acidic smoke that started an hour into the flight.  I saw melted wires but not a fire as such.  The Captain knew he had to put the plane back on the ground and diverted to a Malaysian seaside town but was unconscious within ten to 15 minutes of the emergency.  The plane continued on after reaching the new waypoints.”

“The copilot’s photograph gives me a feeling of heat under the flight deck floor and a darkening cockpit. His last thoughts were for the woman he was going to marry as he lapsed into unconsciousness before the pilot.”

Ms. De Vere said that Zaharie was a dedicated pilot who remained completely focused in the face of adversity beside a panicked copilot.  He is a hero in the true sense of the word and will be vindicated once the wreckage is found.  He was looking forward to meeting a particular lady that day and she was uppermost in his thoughts before the emergency. He was a happy person who had a good life and he enjoyed life. He was not going to spoil that for anything.

“I have looked over the photographs of a number of the missing passengers and all of the results were the same: they all lost consciousness after struggling to breathe. There was no movement at all before the plane crashed into the ocean. Suicide or sabotage were not factors in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight no MH 370 – of that I am sure.

“In terms of location of the wreckage, I feel the plane is more to the north and in one or two major pieces having entered the water at an angle with one wing higher then the other.  I don’t see that it flew as far south to the area that is currently being searched.  The wreckage will be found and the secrets of MH 370 will be given up so that something like this never happens again.

“I feel for the families who not only have had to deal with the grief and anxiety of their loved ones going missing but they have also had to endure endless scrutiny and speculation that they must find to be extremely distressing.”

Zandra Marie de Vere


Zandra Marie de Vere is currently in Hong Kong. Further details together with technical information from retired pilots will uploaded to the website later this week.

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